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Onboarding with a Purpose

April 30, 2019

By Jennifer Plummer, PHR, SHRM-CP

Have you ever searched on the internet, “the best hiring procedures”, and then discover a rabbit hole of endless suggestions relating to the hiring process?  What is the best process?  Do you even have a process?  Many would agree that the most important process is hiring, yet sometimes the actual process gets thrown to the wayside.

If this sounds familiar, below are 5 tips to help improve the onboarding process, and begin onboarding with a purpose.

  1. Organize and Foreshadow Paperwork– Whether you have electronic forms or hard-copies, all paperwork should be organized and ready to go for when a new hire starts on their first day.  No paperwork should be a surprise.  For example, if you have internal documents that need signed the employee who is starting should have awareness ahead of time that they will be reviewing and signing so they are not caught off guard.  Completing new hire paperwork absorbs time, but is important to organize from the get-go.  If this step is skipped, it is very difficult to later identify what is missing and capture it.
  2. Introduce Policies and Procedures– Employees should review company processes, policies and procedures.  This review should review the company as a whole.  If the company has an employee handbook, the topics should be reviewed.  Depending on the size of the company, detailed department information should be reviewed in the upcoming days/weeks with department personnel.
  3. Emphasize the Importance of Safety– A culture of safety starts on day 1.  Look at it this way, if the first day during onboarding you drill down how important safety is, then you are setting the tone for a safe culture from the beginning.
  4. Physically Walk the Employee through the Entire Building– This step is an easy step to miss, but may be the most important way for the employee to identify where to go and who works where.  Show the employee the entire location.  Introduce the employee to as many other employees as you meet along the way.  By doing this, you break the ice and help the employee meet other co-workers.  Also, a first day can be stressful because there are so many unknowns.  If the employee feels like they are part of the family, they will be more likely to enjoy themselves and bond with the group.
  5. Connect Mentors and Follow-Up– I am a firm believer that one can only learn so much in one day.  Continue the onboarding by passing the baton to a mentor (a more senior employee within the department) to help educate and set the new employee up with success within the work group.  Choose a mentor who has a positive outlook and is knowledgeable at the position.  If the company is smaller and does not have enough employees to accomplish this goal, create some one-on-one training time with various people within the organization to help accomplish this goal.

If you do not have an onboarding process, use these 5 helpful tips to begin to build and plan your company’s onboarding experience.  Need help?  Feel free to reach out to us at Loyalhanna to get started, 724-672-4300.