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Top 3 Tips for Employee Handbooks

June 05, 2017

Top 3 Tips for Employee Handbooks

Jen Plummer, PHR, SHRM-CP


Your employee handbook can be your organizations first impression for a new hire. The handbook can help to communicate your organization’s culture, values, procedures and policies.  The handbook can be the tool to provide a quick solution to an unanswered employee question.  Employee handbooks help to defend against unemployment claims or various labor claims.  With all the wonderful benefits of an employee handbook, many companies forget about how important it is to have their employee handbook updated on a regular basis.  Below are three helpful tips for updating employee handbooks.

Tip 1- What are you trying to communicate

Employee handbooks should communicate in a clear and concise way your organization’s culture, values, procedures and policies.  This sounds simple, but sometimes handbooks miss the mark and communicate too many messages.  When an employee reads the handbook, they should have their questions answered, not more questions from their original questions.

Tip 2- Keep information consistent

Does the information in the handbook accurately reflect your organization’s information?  A common error is having an employee handbook that has outdated or incorrect information.  If you read your organization’s handbook and find yourself saying, “we don’t do this anymore” then the handbook should be updated.

Tip 3- Share the employee handbook with employees

Where does one find their employee handbook?  Is the handbook located on the company intranet?  Is the handbook passed out to the employees?  When the handbook is updated, does the organization share the updated information with the employees?  These questions may seem silly, but many times, organizations update their employee handbook, but then fail at communicating the update.  Handbooks should be given to all new hires and then distributed to all employees every time there is an update.

Need Help?

Employee handbooks are an easy project to outsource.  When Loyalhanna Management Services gets an employee handbook project we meet one-on-one with the client to understand what information needs communicated.  Loyalhanna enjoys creating and revising employee handbooks.

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